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Bio 168-Basic Profile Essay Assignment Paper

Bio 168-Basic Profile Essay Assignment Paper

Bio 168-Basic Profile Essay Assignment Paper

Bio 168

Due Date

Basic Profile
Name: Hypothal
Birthday: March 4th, 2002
Relationship Status: Single
Resides in: Underground street.
It is located at the underside of the brain and is found just below the hypothalamus and above the pituitary gland.
Schooled at: Affection college
The stress response by hypothalamus is related to love and affection. Thalamus produces different hormones such as vasopressin, oxytocin and dopamine when feelings of love begin developing (Miyake et al., 2022).
Friends with:
Medulla Oblongata: This part is found at the lower half of the stem of the brain (Basinger & Hogg, 2019). It is the part that controls automatic functions one’s body and also transmits message from the spine to the brain. Medulla Oblongata keeps the health and respiratory systems.
Pituitary gland: It is a small and essential organ. In instances when pituitary gland is not functioning well then different parts of the human brain such as growth, emotions, energy, skin, growth, vision, brain and reproductive system. It also dictates releasing of hormones for the body’s glands (Bigzad, 2022).
Pons: Entails different nerves that links the cerebellum and cerebrum (Sciacca et al., 2019). In conjunction with medulla oblongata pons produce apid eye movement and respiratory rhythm. One’s sleep is also determined by the effectiveness of pons.
Cerebellum: It is an essential part of the brain. It is found below the cerebrum. It controls movement, balance and coordination. It also controls voluntary muscles such as kicking and dancing.
Facebook groups
• Endocrine community
This is because hypothalamus ensures that internal process of one’s body are coordinated and signals pituitary gland release specific hormones.
• Response and control society
This is because hypothalamus is responsible of homeostasis and receives and signals information about one’s body through impulses of nerves.
Two posts hypothalamus would make
I treasure my family from the bottom of my hypothalamus.
A balance of life is chital as it helps one to cope with different situations.

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Bio 168-Basic Profile

Basinger, H., & Hogg, J. P. (2019). Neuroanatomy, brainstem.
Bigzad, A. (2022). An Observation on Endocrine Glands with Low Secretions but High Effects. International Journal for Research in Applied Sciences and Biotechnology, 9(1), 191-195.
Miyake, N., Nagai, T., Suga, H., Osuka, S., Kasai, T., Sakakibara, M., … & Kajiyama, H. (2022). Functional lactotrophs in induced adenohypophysis differentiated from human iPS cells. Endocrinology, 163(3), bqac004.
Sciacca, S., Lynch, J., Davagnanam, I., & Barker, R. (2019). Midbrain, pons, and medulla: anatomy and syndromes. Radiographics, 39(4), 1110-1125.

Discussion Board 4: Making Friends
There are 2 parts to this discussion. Details on what is expected in both parts is found
below the prompt.
Choose one part of the brain (medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain, thalamus,
hypothalamus, epithalamus, cerebellum, or one of the cerebral lobes). Apply what you
have learned in Hands On Lab: Brain to design a fake Facebook page (this should be
a post in the style of a Facebook page, but not an actual Facebook page) for the region
of the brain you have chosen. It should include:
• Basic profile (name, relationship status, birthday, hometown)
• One school your brain part would have attended and one place your brain part
would have worked
• Four other parts of the brain that your part would be friends with (and why)
• Two Facebook groups your brain part would join
• Two posts your part of the brain would make
For your response posts, you should be adding ‘Friends’ to your profile. In your
responses, discuss why you should be great friends that stay in touch (Ex: what do you
have in common) and why they should accept your friend request.
If you are unfamiliar with Facebook, you are making a social media profile for your
chosen part of the brain. You are introducing yourself (as the brain) and sharing what’s
important and interesting to other parts of the brain. Remember, you need to include
what’s listed above.
Part 1: Initial Post (Worth up to 50 points)
• Length: 250-500 words
• You will need to use at least 3 reputable scientific references to support your post
(not including your textbook). Reputable sources= peer reviewed scientific journal
articles, accredited websites, or books. Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable
Part 2: Responses (Worth up to 50 points)
Comment on at least 2 classmate’s discussion submissions.
• Each comment must be 150-200 words!
o Evaluate their post
o Make friend requests (details above in prompt) using proper scientific
terminology (“Good Jobs”, or “I agree” are NOT allowed as your response!!).
Your response should add to the body of knowledge in the class. Share what you
know about the brain!
How will I be graded?
The rubric to this assignment is located in the same spot on Blackboard where this
guideline is located, as a separate document. Take a look prior to starting the
assignment and let your instructor know if you have any questions regarding
What kind of sources should you use?
Your information must be credible, accurate, and well supported by evidence. The best
sources of information are the research journals and the books as well as webpages
maintained by professional societies and organizations. Search for articles and
academic material should start with the electronic databases of libraries such as
FTCC’s Paul H. Thompson Library (opens new window), PubMed (opens new window)
or other such resources. When in doubt about material, use CARS checklist (opens new
window) to see if it can be used in discussions and writings.
Don’t forget to CITE!
You must cite all sources. Citation format must be MLA or APA (Visit the Purdue Owl
Writing Lab (opens new window) for instructions on proper formatting)
Examples: In science we primarily use APA. These are basic examples of
common citations. Please see the Purdue Owl (linked above) for more
In-text citation: When you are paraphrasing from an author, so whenever you a
taking information form a source and putting it in your own words.
According to Jones (1998), APA style is a difficult citation format for first-time learners.
In-text citation quote: If you are taking a quote, you need to include the page number:
According to Jones (1998), “students often had difficulty using APA style, especially
when it was their first time” (p. 199).
Reference Page: At the end of the document, you want to make sure you reference all
of the sources you took information from.
Scruton, R. (1996). The eclipse of listening. The New Criterion, 15(3), 5–13
Stoneman, R. (2008). Alexander the Great: A life in legend. Yale University Press
Electronic Source/Website:
Price, D. (2018, March 23). Laziness does not exist.
Medium. 3af27e312d01

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