Posted: April 6th, 2017

The causes of cardiovascular disease

This week you have a paper due on cardiovascular disease. Please watch the following videos located within this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings: Congestive Heart Failure Physiology Reducing the Risks of Cardiovascular Disease In NO LESS than 1000 words, write an APA formatted paper on cardiovascular disease that includes the following information: The epidemiology of cardiovascular disease; The causes of cardiovascular disease; The symptoms of cardiovascular; The management of cardiovascular disease; The prevention of cardiovascular disease; Lastly explain the relationship between cardiovascular disease and healthcare deliver in the United States; FORMAT: Your paper consistent with APA guidelines. INCLUDE: At least two sources written according to APA guidelines. POST: Your paper as an attachment. RUBRIC: To maximize your points, please review the attached rubric so you know how you will be graded.

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