Posted: January 3rd, 2023

child abuse, domestic violence

Basically, such cases of child abuse, domestic violence among other evil things are on the verge of increase in our families all across the world. Research has proved it that majority of families are facing hard times in sorting out their family issues, something which has majorly contributed to increased cases of abuse. Medical practitioners also have brought out the fact behind their worries relating to the same issue (Yawn, Yawn, & Uden, 1992). Most of the cases they handle in the daily operations are related to either child abuse or any kind of domestic violence. Certain known characteristics are utilized by these medical practitioners in the health sector to investigate and come to a conclusion that the client is actually a victim of the same issue in question.

In the case where anyone has been facing any kind of abuse may it be physical or emotional, they will exhibit characteristics which will speak it loud and reveal the abnormality of their situation. To start with, for child abuse, the child will show signs of fear even in the presence of the service provider; he or she will have a sense of uncomfortable, they will feel lonely even in the presence of their less caring parents. Also, they will exhibit such behaviors like being worried as their abusers are still a threat to them, difficulties to understand concepts when it comes to class work, less interaction with others and difficulties in communication and lastly, they will face a lot of struggle ensuring good relationships with the same abusive parents. For elder people, they will almost exhibit the same characteristics but in a way slightly different from children since they are in a better position to control their emotions (Malley-Morrison, & Hines, 2004). As a healthcare facility, we have put in place certain frameworks enable victims of either domestic or child abuse to feel free and report the issue for solutions to be achieved. To start with, we have majored in creation of awareness of the rights of each citizen and provoking them not to feel ashamed about the same, but to be free and share them with the necessary bodies, also, we have as well done our investigations on any victim presented to clearly identify the extent of the matter and pretend any future occurrence by taking the necessary measures.

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