Posted: July 20th, 2016

What are some cost-effective measures that could be implemented to improve the health of women in low-income countries?

he health of a child and the income of the family run hand in hand. Poverty and the health of the child are closely linked (Skolnik, 2012). If the family is in poverty or low-income, then they might not have access to clean water, to health care, or to receive adequate nutrition every day (Skolnik, 2012). The Millennium Developmental Goals play a huge impact in this correlation of low-income and the health of children (Skolnik, 2012). Goal 1 focuses on eradicating hunger, more than 50% of children suffer from malnutrition (Skolnik, 2012). Children of low-income have minimum access to food in general and more than likely it is not a healthy nutritious meal. Goal 2 focuses education and closely connecting education with health, these low-income children may not have access to education, so they are not receiving this important education (Skolnik, 2012). Goal 6 focuses on reducing HIV.AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, and in many low-income countries these diseases are the most common cause of death in children (Skolnik, 2012). Goal 7 addresses sanitation of the environment, as stated before, children of low-income may not have access to clean water and have poor sanitation which is detrimental to a child’s health (Skolnik, 2012). All in all, low-income and a child’s health are closely linked and the World Health Organization has acknowledged that by implementing the Millennium Developmental Goals.

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