Posted: January 21st, 2023

Flow and Cohesion

Flow and Cohesion

Flow and cohesion are abstract terms that many people, including both Instructors and students, interpret differently. In this week’s Assignment, you are to think about flow and cohesion as guiding your reader through your essay. Cohesion binds your paragraphs, linking them together so your reader can understand why one idea comes before the next. Flow is what transitions and guides your reader form one paragraph to the next.

This week’s Learning Resources will help you examine your work for flow and cohesion. For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own writing in relation to flow and cohesion. Based on what you have learned from the week’s resources, you will share your thoughts and experiences on revising for flow and cohesion. You may also choose to reflect on your practice of responding to feedback.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review      the Learning Resources on flow and cohesion.
  • Review      the Learning Resources on responding to feedback, including the      infographic.
  • Review      your Self-Assessment from Week 1.
  • Reflect      on your writing process in relation to flow and cohesion. You may even      choose to consider how you approached this specific Assignment in relation      to flow and cohesion.
  • Reflect      on your progress so far, based on your Self-Assessment from Week 1.

By tomorrow, 01/03/2018 5 pm New/York America time, post in APA format with 1 reference, a 1- to 2-paragraph reflection on your use of flow and cohesion in your scholarly writing. (Note: You may choose to reflect specifically on how you will apply concepts in this week’s Assignment.) You may also choose to post a reflection on any changes in your writing process since Week 1.

Required Readings

Walden University Writing Center. (2015i). Walden templates: General templates: APA course paper template (6th ed.). Retrieved from

Laureate Education. (2015). [Infographic]. Top 5 Rules for Receiving Faculty Feedback, Baltimore, MD: Author.

Cook, A. (2014, October 21). Help them help you: Being receptive to faculty feedback [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Oyler, B. (2013, December 23). Five ways to create flow in your writing [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Required Media

Walden University Writing Center (Producer). (2014, November 14). WriteCast: What to do with negative feedback on your writing (Episode 15) [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 19 minutes.



Walden University Writing Center (Producer). (2015, August 3). WriteCast: Why word choice matters (Episode 24) [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 24 minutes.


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