Posted: July 19th, 2016

Go to your state’s DOH (Department of health) Website, and review information on Type 2 Diabetes.

There are 2 DQ. Please make sure that DQ 1 response has a word count of 360 words, and DQ 2 response has a work count of 360 words. Also please include references as well.

Article: Friel, S., Chopra, M., & Satcher, D. (2007). Unequal weight: Equity oriented policy responses to the global obesity epidemic. BMJ, 335(7632), 1241–1243. Retrieved from A growing global problem of obesity is unequally distributed between and within countries. This article, from the British Medical Journal, through the example of obesity, demonstrates the critical health equity concepts covered in class this week.

E-activity: • Go to your state’s DOH (Department of health) Website, and review information on Type 2 Diabetes. Be prepared to discuss • Go to the CDC Website at, as well as the, and locate information on national data regarding Type 2 Diabetes. Be prepared to discuss

Discussion question 1: • From the e-Activity, evaluate the effectiveness of your state’s plan on addressing T2D. Suggest at least two (2) recommendations to improve your state’s current plan. Provide a rationale for your recommendations. • From the e-Activity, analyze and evaluate the cost effectiveness of treating T2D in your state. Prepare a five (5) step plan to address the treatment of T2D in your community. Be specific in your outline.

Discussion question 2: • From this week’s readings, recommend at least five (5) steps to address toxicological contaminants in the workplace environment. • Analyze the influence of social forces in contributing toward environmental hazards. Suggest at least two (2) ways to limit this influence.

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