Posted: December 4th, 2022

Healthcare for Homeless People Essay Assignment Paper

Healthcare for Homeless People Essay Assignment Paper

This presentation explores the health care of the homeless population in the U.S.
The presentation focuses on different topics related to the health care of the homeless population in including psychosocial concerns, economic concerns, specific health concerns, risk factors, ways of preventing and controlling health concerns, and the core functions of public health in caring for the homeless population.

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In the U.S., a homeless person is defined as an individual who lacks regularly, fixed, or adequate nighttime residence (Alpert, 2020).
Individuals who have primary nighttime residences that are publicly or supervised shelters designed for temporary living and temporary residence provided by institutions or a public or private place that is not designed for regular accommodation and sleeping for human beings are also classified as homeless (Moore et al., 2020).

Among the homeless people, 343,187 were male, while 219,911 were female, 3,255 identified as transgender, while 1,362 identified as gender non-conforming (Alpert, 2020).
The racial composition of homeless people in the U.S. includes 270 607 Whites, 225,735 Black’s 124615 Hispanics, 36,868 multiracial 17966 native-Americans, 9311 Pacific islanders 7228 Asians (Alpert, 2020).
The two states that are most affected by homelessness in the U.S. include California with 151278 homeless people and New York with 92091 homeless people.

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Your presentation should be at least 15–20 slides, not including your cover slide or reference slides. Your reference slides should cite at least seven references. Your presentation should, at the minimum, include the following topics regarding your chosen vulnerable population and related health education program/plan:

Clearly states population chosen
Describes the vulnerable population
States the current population demographics
Discusses background of the problem, and its effect on public health
Discusses the cultural background of the selected population and any relevant history pertaining to the population
Discusses the psychosocial concerns and/or norms of the population
Discusses the economic concerns of the population including, but not limited to, income levels, educational levels and occupation
Discusses specific health concerns of the population
Information on specific risk factors for target population is presented concisely and accurately
Discusses prevention and control of health concerns and risk factors (primary, secondary and tertiary)
Discusses the role of the public health nurse in caring for vulnerable populations
States the core functions of public health and applies it to the care of the specific population
Three local agencies/facilities delivering services to the target population are identified and accessibility and service rendered are fully described
Additional resources needed in the community are identified.
Information discussed is current, within the last 5 years.

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