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Nursing students usually consider the writing of a dissertation a long, difficult and time-consuming task. Dissertations require a lot of research which should not only be original but also extensive.

Students do not usually struggle with coming up with a topic or subject for the dissertation. The problem arises where they have to develop the entire dissertation in a result oriented manner in order to score good grades. If a student fails in submitting a good dissertation, they will not be able to graduate and this, therefore, forestalls their career.

How to Approach Nursing Dissertation – In-Depth Look!

A good number of students are poor at designing and completing a dissertation and as a result of this, are unable to meet the required standard of academic performance. Students need to learn the correct steps to follow if they want to ultimately submit a good dissertation. Some of these steps are as follows:

Select your field of interest: When looking for a topic, one should choose the one that they have the most interest in or the one that they enjoyed most during classes. A student should also be keen to discover whether there is enough literature to back the research.

Choose an approach and a title: At this juncture, a student should decide what their course of action will be. Essentially, this is the point where they choose their research methodology and design. The two options are to either to continue researching on a topic that was covered before or carry out an analysis using a different approach.

Make an outline plan: A nursing dissertation should generally have the following parts:

Introduction: This shows how the whole research will be and includes the research question and the objectives that it aims at achieving.

Review of literature: Here, a writer looks at other published works that support his/her topic of study

Methodology: The researcher outlines how he/she intends to carry out the study including the methods and instruments to employ and their validity

Results: The facts gathered during data collection are presented

Analysis: The results are discussed and linked to the objectives set at the beginning of the paper

Conclusion: Here, a writer mentions their achievements and whether there needs to be more research on the topic. They also offer recommendations

Start a list of sources: These are the resources from which the information used to write the dissertation were gathered

Review and adjust your plan as you go: One does not always have to stick to the initial plan. This can change as the writer is working on the dissertation and therefore, some sections like the title and content may change

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