Posted: August 4th, 2016

How you will ensure that Gill knows and understand what she needs to do after her surgery

Assessment 1 Tasks:
Based on the handover you received at the beginning of your shift today, other information included below and current reliable evidence for practice, address the following 5 tasks.
Do not make up or assume information in relation to or about Gill, the photo is not an indication of her age or appearance. Only use what you know from the information you received today.
Students are expected to demonstrate person-centred care and that they have read beyond the set texts to prepare their responses and can apply and integrate knowledge to practice.
Reliance on text books alone is no guarantee that your information is current and reliable evidence for practice. However, set texts are a good place to start to identify key points and to develop search strategies to locate appropriate journal articles.

Task 1:
Patient teaching is a key nursing responsibility when preparing a person for surgery. You recognise that two (2) important areas that you need to teach Gill about are post-operative breathing exercises and movement restrictions.
In grammatically correct sentences and topic paragraphs,
• Identify the specific information you will need to tell Gill today about the two (2) areas above before she goes to theatre
• Explain
Why these two (2) areas are an important aspects of Gill’s care
How you will ensure that Gill knows and understand what she needs to do after her
(300 words, 5 marks)
Task 2:

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